Building high-performing, healthy teams and the people that lead them is not easy, especially since the global pandemic added challenges and complexity that forced us all to rethink how we work. The Anser Group (TAG) offers leadership development to help you face these challenges. In teams or individually, we ask questions, listen to your people, tell you what you need to hear and remind you of what great leadership is all about. 

One-to-One Coaching

Individual Executive Coaching:  A customizable process to help leaders move from “here to there”
Essential Leadership Coaching:  18–24 months of comprehensive leadership and organizational development
Workshop Follow-up Coaching:  Coaching sessions post-workshop to develop real change in habits
Life Map:  Insight on where you are, where you want to be and how you’ll get there 

Team Coaching

Strategy and Performance: Gaining clarity around what drives success in your organization
Functioning Better Together: Increase cohesion via trust and accountability which breeds greater results together
Managing Conflict:  Diving into the issues and making headway together


All workshops are highly interactive and customizable, can include coaching and work well off-site. 

Fundamentals of Essential Leadership 
Maximizing Virtual Teams 
Organizational Health (5 Dysfunctions) 
Crucial Accountability 
Coach-like Leadership 
Cultural Awareness 
Ideal Team Player
Emotional Intelligence 
Blending Multi-Generational Teams 
Know Thyself: Understanding Personality 
Organizational Clarity: Answering the Critical Questions 
Custom Upon Request 

Large Group Facilitation

Have a larger group that needs to learn or come to a consensus? From community groups and boards to your enterprise gatherings, allow us to facilitate in a way that fully engages all the participants while honoring the leaders in the room. 

Focus Groups

Need to gather information in an unbiased way? Acting as neutral listeners, yet fully coach-like, we love spending time with your people. In the end, they feel heard and you walk away with the key answers to help move you forward. 

Strategic Operational Process

Purpose, vision, and priorities becomes muddied as the urgent affects everyday operations. The result is often organizational drift. Guiding your team with strategic tools let us help you gain clarity and perspective that will ensure you are on the right course and lead you to breakthrough, strategic, focus and high opportunity impact. 

Fractional VP’s of Sales & Business Development

The Anser Group offers customized services designed to assist early-stage companies in solidifying their strategic sales, marketing and business development plans with a sensitivity to an arrangement that suits lean budgets. 

Our Fractional VP of Sales is ready to assist if a pivot is needed due to stagnant sales, difficulty getting traction and/or wrong sales leader.



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