Our Team

Curt Hughes


Curt Hughes has spent the past 25 years helping leaders strive to become the best they can be. As both a student and teacher of what motivates leaders to excel, Curt is at his best when others are succeeding around him. He has taught leadership principles and led teams in 27 states and 14 countries. He has a passion to see managers become character driven leaders. He is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) who considers learning a life-long endeavor.

Jennifer Whiteford


For over 20 years, Jennifer has been known for “coming alongside” others through intuitive listening and clever strategies, all mixed with a creative bent. Her leadership experience in the fields of education, HR and owning two businesses serves her well in entering diverse situations ready to simplify the chaos and encourage leaders to thrive. When she has a free moment, you can find her on the water, hiking in the hills with her silver Labrador or traveling to experience different cultures.

Kevin Williams


Kevin is a continual learner, with experience in many different industries which has given him a broad range of skills and abilities. As an executive coach, trainer, and consultant he thrives in helping teams achieve organizational health through leadership development. Kevin believes that to move forward leaders need to honor the past, understand today and get excited about the promises of tomorrow.

Bryan Dumford


Having spent over 20 years in the Financial Services industry, Bryan brings a wealth of experience operating in corporate environments. As a leader and team member in these settings, he has a thorough understanding of the dynamics and interactions that comprise effective teams. Bryan has a passion for collaboration and is energized by helping leaders improve engagement (and in turn, company results!) by focusing in this area.

Matt McDonald


For the last decade Matt McDonald has been helping individuals and organizations discover and execute the roadmap of where they need to go and beyond. Matt is passionate about seeing his clients become healthier in all areas of their life, effectively improving their habits, relationships, work, and leadership. His coaching is built on his expertise in behavioral and organizational psychology and informed by his ten years of experiences in the field of clinical psychology. He is a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and was trained by the globally recognized Coach Training Institute (CTI).

Lisa Hughes


Lisa brings a unique perspective to coaching from a marketing and public relations background in Illinois state government, in corporate America, and in the non-profit sector. She has spent over thirty years leading teams and bringing out the best in other leaders. Whether she was lobbying congress or challenging her board of directors to take action, her direct approach and ability to dive deep into issues gives her the edge necessary to assist leaders in their pursuit of making progress.

Glen Williamson


Glen challenges leaders to ask the most important questions. He has extensive experience facilitating groups and presenting transformative information to gatherings of all sizes. He has aided organizations and individual leaders in maximizing their inherent strengths and getting serious about their priorities. Glen has led through crisis and coached other leaders to find confidence in themselves and their teams in the midst of great challenges. He is committed to the health of leaders and work cultures that engage teams and produce results.

Ken Lane


Ken spent 10 years in Silicon Valley leading engineering, development, and operations teams in companies such as MCI, Hewlett-Packard, Bechtel Engineering, and dot-com startups. He has also been involved in the startup, merger, and/or sale of half a dozen businesses. Ken has been coaching and consulting since 2001 and is certified in Organizational Change Management and as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He specializes in leadership development, strategic clarity and change management. His experience in over forty countries on five continents also gives him additional insight into the challenges of guiding multinational efforts.

Norm Edwards


Fluent in 3 languages and with over two decades of international experience in leadership environments, Norm’s engaging personality and inquisitive approach, along with his extensive experience facilitating and presenting, inspire leaders to realize professional and organizational health, clarity and discovery. He has formal education in Organizational Development and Consulting, and is a certified LifePlan and StratOp Facilitator. Norm is passionate about helping leaders with a broad range of needs to pursue meaningful outcomes.

David Peace


David’s been listening and learning from Indian and global professionals over the past 20 years about their experiences working cross-culturally. He works with clients to help them overcome cultural frustrations and build lasting and successful partnerships. David is the senior consultant and director of Shanti Consulting and has lived in Delhi since 2001 where he works as a consultant and executive coach. He enjoys travelling, watching competitive sports and morning walks and can be found exploring off-the-beaten track areas in Delhi.

Sharon Smith

D.MIN., Strategic Leadership

Sharon has served in senior executive roles with innovative companies in global healthcare and commercial development. Her doctorate in Strategic Leadership synthesized 25 years of rich corporate experience in both big company cultures and small-growth businesses. She has managed high performance teams in the US as well as launched new products around the world. Understanding the crucible of the marketplace is Sharon’s forte’ – she gets it. She has come through the pressure and testing to skillfully guide leaders with careful listening, astute strategies and deep compassion. Sharon’s focus is on transformed individual lives that results in corporate health within organizations.

Steve Pike


For over 30 years, Steve Pike has worked with hundreds of organizations to increase their productivity by strengthening the people side of their mission. As a veteran coach/consultant, he has served a broad spectrum of institutions in nearly every state and nine nations. As a leader, he has successfully managed complex configurations of face to face and virtual teams across multiple time zones. When he is not helping other leaders succeed, he enjoys adventures with his family in the outdoor grandeur of his home state of Colorado.

Jay Neuharth

Jay challenges leaders to grow as human beings in today’s complex and fast-moving corporate world. He finds joy in empowering others, expanding leadership capacity, and learning from perspectives different than his own. These joys have carried him through many settings—the military, the business and social sectors—and enabled him to establish deep roots all over the world. Jay agrees with Napoleon, that, “a leader is a dealer in hope.” You can often find him playing with his complex and fast-moving dog, Jonah.

Bryan Rhinehart

Bryan has more than 20 years of experience coaching, training and mentoring both leaders and their teams. Whether coaching fortune 500 executives or the teams they lead, His passion is Intentional Leadership that produces strong leaders and bottom-line results. Bryan brings a courageous and imaginative approach to coaching and leadership. He strives to ensure leaders are moving forward purposefully and efficiently towards their desired future and not repeating the behaviors that can cause them to remain stuck in frantic non-productivity.